50 States Looking Forward To Legalize Weed By 2021 – MMJ Reporter

The cannabis industry happens to be one of the most affected segments in the market by the Heat emanating from the Trump administration. Currently, about 29 medical marijuana states and eight states have already given approval to the plant for recreational purposes. Other states are evidently sitting on the sidelines, with quite a large number seeking to find out whether or not the plant will be struck off the schedule 1 drug list.

The marijuana-centric bill was proposed early this year and it goes without saying that the moment will go down records as one of the most defining moments for the top plant. Intense discussions regarding it are still ongoing among politicians across the divide and the future looks pretty promising. Marijuana could eventually end up helping quite a large number of people globally.

While recently speaking at CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta opined, “It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution. According to recent polls, more than 53% favor its legalization, with 77% supporting it for medical purposes.”

A large number of politicians are seemingly against the legalization of the substance. However, it is essential to also shed light on the fact that quite a significant number has been proactive in supporting its legalization. Marijuana bears remarkable capabilities in handling a wide range of Medical conditions and that is one of the reasons behind the intense campaigns to have it legalized.

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