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REDDING, Calif. — 

Tuesday night the Redding City Council hopes to come to a decision about cannabis sales in the city limits.

Last city council meeting council members took public comment about the ordinance for several hours. This week, a decision could be made.

The council drafted a map of the city showing where cannabis stores would be allowed to set up shop if they were to pass a new ordinance.

On the map, only the areas shaded green would be OK for cannabis sales. The idea is to avoid any areas near child-oriented facilities.

For example, North Hilltop Dr. is near Chuck E. Cheese, and South Hilltop is near a couple gymnastics facilities, but in middle is Mount Shasta Mall which is shaded green.

Some people shopping at the mall on Tuesday said they don’t agree that the mall isn’t a child-oriented facility.

“As a teenager, I definitely shopped a lot at the mall,” one woman said. “That was the hangout spot and there is a lot of children facilities and stores and like I said, the little play area. “So, there are children inside of the mall.”

She also said she isn’t against allowing adults to smoke marijuana on their own time. She’s only against the idea of it being sold near a mall.

“[The mall is where] everybody hangs out, junior high, high school kids, even young adults, college.” said another Redding woman. “Kids that are junior high and high school are not fully developed their brains are not fully developed. So, it concerns me.”

A lot of the areas on the map are in industrial areas on the outskirts of town. Some supporters of cannabis sales said that would be an inconvenience, explaining that cigarette and liquor shops are already near child-oriented facilities.

Here is the current

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