A weed grows in Secaucus – The Hudson Reporter

The Harmony Dispensary at 600 Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus A medical marijuana dispensary is set to begin operations in Secaucus, after the state recently issued a permit for it to begin growing the plants. Harmony Foundation is on track to become New Jersey’s sixth Alternative Treatment Center, and the first in Hudson County.

Once a state laboratory tests Harmony’s marijuana strain and the state Medicinal Marijuana Program inspects the dispensary, the facility will receive a second permit to become an ATC. Should all go well, Harmony, located at 600 Meadowlands Parkway, hopes to open in late 2017. They will grow the marijuana inside their location, under intense security measures including cameras, alarms, and mechanical sensors.

“We’re thrilled,” said Harmony spokeswoman Leslie Hoffman, about the news. “We have worked very hard to get the facility designed and built. We are excited to put it into action and service the patients of New Jersey.”

The state adopted the “Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act” into law in January 2010. That established a registry of qualifying patients and primary caregivers, and issued registry identification cards to patients.

It also established “debilitating medical conditions” under which physicians can authorize patients to register for medical marijuana. These include seizure disorder, glaucoma, cachexia, inflammatory bowel disease, terminal cancer, and more recently, PTSD.

“We are anticipating applying for approval to manufacture extracted products from marijuana flowers, such as tinctures and topical creams,” Hoffman said.

Setting up shop

Secaucus is a perfect place for Harmony to open shop because of its convenience, Hoffman said. New Jersey Transit’s Secaucus Junction station is situated very close to the dispensary.

“If I’m coming back from my commute to New York through Secaucus Junction, I can pick up my car and swing by Harmony for a pickup on my way back home,” Hoffman said.

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