AG: Former state rep sold marijuana to other lawmakers – WMUR Manchester

A report released Friday by the attorney general said it is clear that former state Rep. Kyle Tasker not only used marijuana at the State House but sold it to fellow lawmakers as well.

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Tasker has pled not guilty to several felony charges.

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Five elected leaders are named in the Attorney General’s report but none will face charges because the evidence is insufficient to prosecute them.

Kyle Tasker was arrested in March for online solicitation of a minor and possession with intent to distribute controlled drugs.

WMUR first reported that evidence found at his home showed he had sold drugs to other members of the house.

From March: Elected officials may be on list found after drug arrest

“I’m just really, really concerned about it,” Governor Maggie Hassan said. “I think it is deeply concerning that any elected official would engage in this kind of behavior and I think the voters should hold them accountable.”

The Attorney General’s office said former deputy speaker of the house Pamela Tucker of Greenland bought marijuana once and marijuana “elixer” on another occasion.

The report said she told investigators they were for medicinal reasons.

Joseph Lachance of Manchester allegedly bough marijuana from Tasker several times to treat his PTSD and brought friends to do the same.

The report said Amanda Bouldin, also of Manchester, used pot with Tasker in his car and recalled a conversation about a big drug purchase he made in Lancaster.

Investigators said Sanbornville Rep. Ted Wright bought marijuana to help his wife’s battle with breast cancer.

Plaistow Rep. Shem Kellogg was named in the report but he died of cancer in June and was never interviewed.

The House Speaker and Governor are confident

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