American Green, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Still Bouncing Around – HotStocked

Since the last time we checked on American Green, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ERBB, ERBB message board), the company doesn’t seem to have made much progress at all.

Even one glance at the ERBB’s charts and its latest press releases yields the realization that it is following the very same pattern that had carried it throughout the Green Rush of 2014.

Long story short – in spite of all its claims and reassurances, fluff PR remains the main engine pushing ERBB stock prices up. The ticker had been heading down for five sessions before American Green president Stephen Shearin produced an optimistic, if vague and unhelpful, press release that just went on and on about ERBB’s achievements and how it has “established a flourishing relationship” with Herbal Elements, Colorado.

What got people’s attention was the promise that ERBB’sadditional projects in Arizona and another in Washington set to launch, we believe this will add over $100,000 in new revenues per month by January”. Still, predictably, investors lost interest in ERBB’s hollow-sounding promises quite quickly, and the ticker was headed down hard on the very next day.

It continued its journey to the bottom of the charts, until Mr. Shearin announced that ERBB has hired Jerry Chesler, “a preeminent Arizona and New York medical marijuana business attorney“. An impressive amount of praise was heaped on said attorney and all the good he could do for the company, so once again investors took notice – and once more their enthusiasm was short-lived.

ERBB’s stock price has been falling ever since – and it’s only natural that it is, as yet another piece of dubious PR should hardly be enough to keep it going up for very long. And, as research shows, all ERBB has done to date is issue press releases full of promises and devoid of …read more