Ask Joe: Is a proposed dispensary too close to an existing youth center? – KRNV My News 4

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) — Tonight’s ‘Ask Joe’ question covers a very controversial issue — marijuana dispensaries.

Here’s our viewer’s question:
“I understand a marijuana dispensary may be built at the corner of Thoma and S. Virginia Street. I believe there is a youth center nearby. Is that allowed under the law?”
— Ben in Reno

The location Ben is referring to is at 716 South Virginia St. in Reno.

Joe checked with Claudia Hanson in the City of Reno Planning Department. She says she did issue a zoning verification letter for that address.

Hanson says the minimum distance requirement for a marijuana dispensary in proximity to a commuunity facility (which would include any type of youth facility) is 300 feet, or about half a block. Hanson says the youth facility in question, located on Sinclair St., is more than the minimum distance away from the proposed dispensary.

Hanson also told Joe it’s now up to the state to make a decision on the city’s review, which should happen very soon. The state has 90 days from the August 18 application deadline to issue a decision; but at this point, no other issues have been identified that would rule out that site from being a viable dispensary location.

Here is the letter Joe received from Hanson in its entirety:

Hi Joe,

I did issues a Zoning Verification Letter for 716 South Virginia Street. The distance requirement from a Community Facility (which includes a facility for youth) is 300 feet. That is about 1/2 a block. I know of a youth facility over on Sinclair which is over the minimum required 300 feet.

We anticipate the State to determine the results of their review within about 2 weeks. I believe their requirement for turn around was 90 days from the August 18 application deadline.
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