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he idea that cannabis promotes creativity is hardly novel, but basing a business on it sure is.

Painter’s Pot functions as a private, participatory art studio that provides a 4/20-friendly environment for painting. That means exactly what it sounds like: Smoking cannabis is not only allowed, but encouraged, while expressing yourself with paint at the discreet studio located at 3720 Constitution Ave.

Founder and owner Teddi Roberts conceived of this unique canna-business model while at Painting With a Twist — a national franchise with five Colorado Springs locations that offers painting classes paired with full glasses of red wine. The experience is sort of like a kid’s birthday party for adults. But Roberts thought it odd to feature alcohol, a substance that impairs expression and dampens dexterity, over the obvious alternative. “Cannabis is my twist,” she jokes.

Painter’s Pot isn’t just meant to be a fun night out — it’s therapeutic too, attracting people with conditions that make more conventional social settings uncomfortable and overstimulating. Roberts recalls one guest, a young woman whose epilepsy keeps her mostly homebound, whose visit to Painter’s Pot was a rare recreational opportunity. Seasoned painters looking for a safe place to partake come too, as do newbies, including a 68-year-old woman who tried marijuana for the first time during one of the classes.

“The only thing you think about while painting is painting,” says Roberts, highlighting the therapeutic properties of art. Knowing many veterans could benefit from both cannabis and a relaxing activity, Roberts reached out to them to gauge interest in what she was trying to create. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

click to enlarge Kimberly Hoadley Owner Teddi Roberts and artist Sara Violet.

“If you guys wanna get high before we start —

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