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The parents of a young New Jersey man say marijuana caused the death of their son. However, most experts say you can’t die from cannabis alone.

Two New Jersey parents believe marijuana caused their son’s death.

Medical experts are skeptical.



Kristina Ziobro discovered her son, Michael, 22, unconscious on his bedroom floor on April 10.

She called 911, but by the time emergency personnel arrived her son was already dead.

The state’s medical examiner later discovered the presence of cannabis in Michael Ziobro’s bloodstream.


Kristina Ziobro and her husband also discovered medical marijuana in their son’s room.

“He was such an advocate,” Kristina Ziobro said on NBC’s “Today” show. “He thought it was wonderful. He thought it was safe. He just thought it was natural and organic and it ended up killing him.”



The debate over marijuana safety

Despite the parents’ belief, the Union County medical examiner, Dr. Junaid Shaikh, said he’s unsure what, if any, role marijuana had in their son’s death.

What is clear is that Michael Ziobro experienced a severe cardiac event, but there is currently no evidence to support that the event was triggered by marijuana use.

His death certificate does not list cannabis as the cause of death.

The Ziobros have since tried to pursue the cause of their son’s death with state legislators and police.

In a letter to New Jersey State Senator, Thomas Kean, Shaikh wrote:



“Although there is scarce research that indicates smoking cannabis can evoke cardiovascular complications, one is unable to attribute the ‘Cause of Death’ was due to smoking cannabis.”

For a drug to be listed as the primary cause of death, it must actually cause the

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