Cannabis Committee recommends opening spit to commercial marijuana – KBBI

The Homer Cannabis Advisory Committee recommended that the city open up the Homer Spit to commercial cannabis Thursday. It also wants the city to prohibit smoking at marijuana establishments if the state approves on-site consumption later this fall.

Both recommendations unanimously passed the committee, and each will be forwarded onto the Homer City Council.

Committee member David Lewis, who also sits on the council, said he would rather the committee hold its recommendation opening up the spit to commercial marijuana until a retail business sets up shop.

“We do have that one that is pending for Ocean Drive and we see how that goes,” he explained.

Lewis said he supports the measure, but doesn’t think it would pass the council before making it to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Lewis believes that after a retail shop shows it can operate responsibly, the council may favor opening up the spit.

Vice Chairwoman Carrie Harris pushed for the recommendation despite Lewis’ comments.  

“I don’t see any issues with the cannabis commission actually supporting cannabis on the spit. That’s what we’re actually here for,” she said. “We’re not here to be a road block. We are here because the voters asked us to be.”

Homer adopted zoning codes for the commercial pot industry in early 2016.  Lewis noted the spit was set off limits over concerns that tourists would bring marijuana onto cruise ships, the ferry and other vessels.

Currently, marijuana operations are allowed to do business near downtown and in the southeast corner of town, along Ocean and Kachemak Drive. There are also a few other areas scattered in between.

In other business, the committee also recommended that the city not allow smoking at marijuana establishments. No states in the U.S. have legalized on-site, but the state’s Marijuana Control Board is

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