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When it comes to the tumultuous relationship between cannabis content creators and the social media platforms they use, YouTube has notoriously pinned itself as the surprising exception. Although many platforms label cannabis-related content as a violation of “community guidelines,” the wildly popular streaming site has instead taken a far more progressive approach in responding to the cannabis community. Instead of banning accounts, the YouTube community has been known to reward popular cannabis content creators with such accolades as subscription plaques, even recommending cannabis-related videos through trending lists.


3 Cannabis YouTubers You Should Check Out

One of those trending lists that has seen an influx of cannabis content is the live stream. Through Google Hangouts, YouTube has ushered a new platform for recurring collaborative cannabis conversations, and the community has taken to this new paradigm in droves. Here are three of my favorite weekend YouTube cannabis live streams to check out.

Hash Church on Sundays With Bubbleman

Hash Church is the one-stop shop for hash hangouts on the internet. This weekly live stream hosted by Bubbleman on his Bubbleman’s World YouTube channel is the quintessential Sunday spot to be for the cannabis concentrate community. With weekly appearances from esteemed industry panelists, special guests, and cannabis educators, the wealth of valuable cannabis and concentrate-related information being tossed around freely on each show is staggering.

After over 140 episodes and counting, Hash Church remains one of the longest-running, consistent, and most popular cannabis-related YouTube live streams to-date, often hailed by other successful cannabis live shows as the standard for quality and consistency. Ranging between 2-4 hours, this show airs live on Sunday mornings. The conversation is very organic, and although some episodes have pre-ordained themes, many of the shows flow smoothly with impromptu industry discussions

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