Cops Joke About Kicking Amputee's 'Nub' at California Marijuana Dispensary … – ABC News

[unable to retrieve full-text content]ABC NewsCops Joke About Kicking Amputee’s ‘Nub’ at California Marijuana Dispensary …ABC NewsThe Santa Ana Department police officers “bashed the doors in” of Sky High Collective, the reportedly unlicensed marijuana dispensary, with their guns drawn last month on May 27, said Marla James, a volunteer at the dispensary who said she was called a …Cops Raid Marijuana Dispensary, Destroy Surveillance Equipment, Eat Pot …Reason (blog)Santa Ana police officers caught on camera eating marijuana, joking about …KTRK-TVCA police raid medical weed dispensary, eat edibles, destroy cameras [UPDATED]Boing BoingNew York Daily News -KABC-TV -OCRegisterall 110 news articles »Read More