Damariscotta to survey residents on marijuana – Wiscasset Newspaper

At a public hearing prior to the July 19 Damariscotta Board of Selectmen meeting, about 20 residents had a lot to say about marijuana.

Most of it was positive. In November, Damariscotta voted to approve the state’s proposed marijuana legalization. As the board considered possible restrictions to the five types of marijuana businesses, most who spoke out had few concerns.

The five options are retail sales, social clubs, cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities and testing facilities.

In a retail sales operation, adults 21 and over would be able to purchase marijuana for use elsewhere. In addition to the herb, there could be other forms of the drug offered for sale, including edibles, such as candies and brownies, and tinctures that could be used to allow the active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, to be absorbed through the skin or under the tongue, according to information provided at the meeting.

A social club is like a bar or pub for alcohol. Adults could buy the product to be consumed there, and alcohol could not be sold. However, food and other drinks could be obtained.

A cultivation facility could be either indoors or outdoors; plants are raised for use,in farms and greenhouses, for example. Some plants do well outdoors, especially ones used for tinctures and edibles, while the female bud primarily used for smoking is best grown under cover with other female plants. The plants go on to either a manufacturing facility to be processed into edibles or tinctures, or to a facility where the buds are tested for potency, purity and anything that might have accumulated in the plant during the growing process, such as heavy metals.

The law also gives adults the right to grow their own plants, up to six adult plants per person, and multiple juveniles or seedlings. No tax

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