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High-speed Internet service, a marijuana dispensary, voting and a proposed development took center stage at a recent meeting of the West Roxbury Neighborhood Council.

City Councilor Matt O’Malley, who represents West Roxbury, touted the benefits of early voting and urged residents to vote in favor of Question 5, to support the Community Preservation Act (CPA).

When early voting began at City Hall, he said that 4,289 people, or around 2 percent of registered voters, took advantage of the opportunity, which he said was impressive because during the state primary in September, only 10 percent voted.

Regarding the CPA, O’Malley said that it would add a 1 percent surcharge on property taxes and Boston would receive some matching funds from the state for affordable housing, historic preservation and parks and open space.

“We have been paying into this fund since 2001,” he said.

High-speed Internet

Next Stephanie Lee, a Verizon government affairs and community relations official, spoke about the high-speed Internet service the company is bringing to Boston.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to have Fios in the City of Boston,” she said.

Verizon will spend $300 million to lay fiber optic cable over five or six years and they are starting in West Roxbury. Lee said that not only would the residents get better Internet service, the city will get to implement better traffic monitoring and traffic signal solutions.

“We have to get to every neighborhood,” Lee said. “One of the reasons we’re interested in coming to West Roxbury is that there is such enthusiasm for it.”

She added that the existing infrastructure would be used wherever possible – where the lines are buried now, the fiber will be buried and where they are on poles, the fiber will be on the polls.

Medical marijuana dispensary

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