Employee of Washington Marijuana Shop Remains Missing After Kidnapping – Centralia Chronicle

An employee of a Cheney marijuana shop remained missing Monday, a day after he was abducted at work.

Cameron Smith, 46, was working at the Lucid Marijuana store, 1845 First Street, at about 12:45 p.m. when he was kidnapped at gunpoint after the store refused to sell product to two people.

Michael Schoefield, one of Lucid’s owners, said a man and a woman tried entering the store, but were told multiple times they couldn’t get admission without proper identification. Schoefield said the man told employees he didn’t have an ID, that it was back in Yakima. The woman was able to produce identification, but she was 18.

Employees said the man was cordial while inside, not combative or rude, and the woman didn’t talk much. The two eventually left the store and returned to a white Ford F-250 pickup truck parked on the far side of the parking lot, facing a Banner Bank.

Employees said the man then exited the truck, and walked around to the side of the shopping plaza, away from the front door of Lucid, where Smith was sitting in his 2008 Acura SUV while on his lunch break.

Schofield said he assumed the man chose Smith randomly as an avenue to relieve his frustration.

“This is all just a bad place, bad time,” he said. “This is 100 percent a terrible tragedy.”

Cheney police Captain Richard Beghtol said video surveillance showed the male suspect walk up to Smith’s car and pull out a gun, firing two shots into the driver’s side window. Employees reported hearing the shots, but not knowing what they were at the time.

“Nobody really saw it transpire,” said Stacia Shirley, Lucid’s general manager.

The male suspect then hopped in and drove away in Smith’s car, with Smith still inside.

The female and

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