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Here is what they are proposing;

Where did this come from?

On Saturday, at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) national conference in the Cork Institute of Technology, Oliver Moran, the Green Party’s representative in Cork North Central, announced the new position in which they suggest Ireland should decriminalise possessing and growing cannabis for personal use as well as the introduction of Dutch-style coffee shops.

What exactly are they proposing?

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Mr Moran said that they would like to see Ireland adopt a system similar to Canada or Washington state in the United States.

In Canada, legislation to legalise cannabis is set to begin on July 1 this year. The Canadian law would allow up to 30g of cannabis possession for personal use. Under the Green Party proposals, the limit in Ireland would be 5g.

What about growing your own cannabis at home?

When it comes to ‘grow your own’ the Green Party suggest people can grow up to two plants at home for personal use.

What about medicinal use?

The party’s proposals say that those who used cannabis to relieve medical symptoms could grow their own or get access through a medical doctor. On the Green Party website, Mr Moran is quoted as saying that Ireland is overdue a change in this respect.

“The lifting of a veil over taboos and criminality that covered the reality that we already knew was there and that made criminals out of decent people and sufferers out of medical patients. That made men and women feel like they had to act in secret for doing something as normal as taking medicine or having a glass of wine in the evening.”

They mentioned Dutch-style coffee shops too?

Yes, the Green Party plan calls

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