Exploding ‘pot pop’ removed from three marijuana shops – KOMO News

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — When Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham took delivery of 330 bottles of a brand new marijuana infused soda on September 28, they were excited to promote it to their customers.

They sold ten bottles of legal sparkling pomegranate soda made by Mirth Provisions of Longview on the first day.

But when employees opened up shop the following day, they found a sticky mess of broken bottles and shards of glass throughout the store. During the night, the bottles began to self destruct. The employees didn’t think anything was dangerous until they heard and saw bottles randomly explode.

“It sounded like a shotgun going off,” said Top Shelf Cannabis manager Zach Henifin. “You can actually feel it, it was that explosive”.

Wearing a face shield and protective garb, Henifin placed cartons of unexploded soda in a steel box the size of a small dumpster outside of the store. The staff used bleach to clean up the mess and pulled pieces of glass from cardboard boxes. The “pot pop” continued to explode inside the steel container for 10 days.

“It’s almost like bomb box because they randomly go off during the day,” said Henifin.

No one was injured at the store from the exploding bottles, but they don’t know if the customers that bought the soda had their bottles explode on them.

Adam Stites, the founder of Mirth Provisions, said Top Shelf wasn’t the only shop reporting exploding bottles. Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam in Vancouver reported problems with the pop.

“It was simply the fact that his batch had a higher yeast concentration, and one of the by-products of yeast is excess carbon dioxide,” said Stites.

He says his company pressured test the carbonated drink to be 14 PSI — or pounds per square inch. …read more