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I’ve been tracking the results of laws allowing the recreation use of marijuana since the publication of my book, “Weedgalized in Colorado: True tales from the High Country.”  These signs reflect both the helpful messages and strange behavior of citizens and visitors to Colorado. Since 2014 I’ve had a birds-eye of the cannabis legalization experiment from behind a popular bar in Frisco, Colorado. The things that exist here would blow the mind of those who live in states where it is not legal. What kind of things have changed in the past three years since pot became legal?

My photos should tell you a lot!

This is the sign you see when you ride the chairlift at Keystone Ski Resort, which is located on the national forest system land. People think it is okay to smoke up on the ski mountain and are unaware that it is actually against the law to do so.

I don’t know why anyone would even think it is okay to mail marijuana, but they sure do try. This is the sign at the UPS store. I hope this isn’t a measuring stick as to the education level of some of the new residents. The fact that this sign exists might support such a notion.


The above sign hangs above the Breckenridge Rec Center. Who smokes while in a workout facility anyway?

This is a sign that I saw on the back side of the bathroom door in a dispensary.

The Good To Know campaign does a great job in educating the public on the rules and regulations of cannabis consumption. This was a poster that I saw on the inside of a bathroom door of a burger stand in Glenwood Springs. On this very same day, I noticed that

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