Glenview residents speak out against dispensary – Glenview Announcements

The Village of Glenview Board of Trustees’ regular meeting lasted more than three hours Oct. 7, with most of the time spent reviewing and considering an application for Glenview resident Julie Stone to open the only medical marijuana dispensary in Northfield Township near Pickwick Avenue and Greenwood Road.Many residents at the meeting spoke out against having the dispensary–to be called Greenleaf Organics–at 3240 W. Lake Ave., an area that many students walk by to get to school and other student-friendly places.“It’s a thoroughfare for many children that walk back and forth to Glenbrook High School and Attea Middle School and St. Catherine [Laboure Catholic Church], as well as the youth center,” said resident Anne Ledden.She was concerned that the spot was too pedestrian-friendly to be considered “industrial,” the only kind of zoning category in which dispensaries can locate themselves in Glenview with a conditional permit—the kind of permit Stone is currently seeking from the board.For a conditional use permit to be granted, the location must be necessary or desirable for public convenience and not impede upon the community’s enjoyment of existing property, nor should it diminish property values in the neighborhood or significantly affect the character of the neighborhood, among other conditions.Resident Glenn Farkas recognized that the state put the village in the tough position of essentially being forced to allow dispensaries and cultivation centers in town if they met various criteria; however, he urged the board to vote down granting Greenleaf a conditional use permit.He agreed with Ledden that the area Greenleaf was looking to locate itself in felt less industrial than it actually was, noting that it was “getting more and more residential every day.”With 27 cameras proposed to go in and around the facility and armed guards to …read more