GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Thinks Colorado Voters Should Consider Repeal Of … – Huffington Post

During a gubernatorial debate Thursday in Fort Collins, Colorado, between incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and Republican challenger Bob Beauprez, Beauprez suggested voters should consider a repeal of the state’s historic legalization of recreational marijuana.

KUSA-TV’s Brandon Rittiman, one of the moderators of the debate, asked the candidates if the state should “repeal the law allowing the legal sales of recreational marijuana.” Beauprez responded first:

“I visited last night with the head of emergency services at the University of Colorado hospital and he shared what he says are continuing facts that they are finding, especially about the damage done to young adults’ brains,” Beauprez began. “And he says this is an extremely serious problem and we’re going to have to lead an effort to ask Colorado exactly that question and see if the citizens think that this is maybe a step that we’ve gone too far.”

“Do you agree we should do that?” Rittiman countered.

“Yes,” Beauprez said. “I think we’re at that point where the consequences that we’ve already discovered from this may be far greater than the liberty that the citizens thought they were embracing.”

Hickenlooper opposed Amendment 64, the measure which legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.
In past debates, Beauprez has said that that like Hickenlooper, his focus would be on enforcing the law and creating “effective and robust regulations,” and on keeping the drug out of the hands of kids. When pressed for clarification on Beauprez’s stance and whether it has shifted, Beauprez’s communications director Allen Fuller told The Huffington Post that Beauprez’s comments were “consistent” with his previous statements, and that the idea that he would “push to repeal Amendment 64” was false.

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