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Following the launch of Arizer’s newest portable flower vaporizer, the ArGo, the company asked Leafly to take their new toy for a spin. Subject matter expert and cannabis guru Jeremiah Wilhelm and editor Ian Chant both used this new piece of gear while going about their lives for a week, and then compared notes on their experiences.

Jeremiah Wilhelm: Just for starters, this feels like such a cool piece because it’s a portable convection vaporizer. That means hot air is circulated and dispersed evenly through the herb, which is how it’s meant to be. Things like the Volcano vaporizer are convection heated, and they’re some of the highest-quality vaporizers you can get out there.

Ian Chant: Convection is also how you cook, like, a rotisserie chicken, right?

JW: Yeah, and in professional in bakeries they often use convection ovens because they help things cook more evenly. As a method to cook or heat just about anything, convection is largely superior. It’s so nice and so surprising to see that type of technology in such a small portable vaping unit. I’ve got a tabletop convection vaporizer at home, but it’s quite cumbersome—it’s got an apparatus that plugs into the wall and…


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IC: It’s still a whole thing.

JW: It’s still a whole thing! Whereas this ArGo could disappear into my jeans pocket, and there’s no way a convection vaporizer could do that. The ArGo has a very utilitarian design—everything you need is in one self-contained unit.

IC: Yeah, there’s even an extra stem you can pack, cap, and then have ready to place in the unit later. Way to think it through, Arizer.

JW: Exactly, and there are little design notes like that

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