Harbor Collective MMCC Joins The California Medicinal Fray – Digital Journal

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — As of 2016, California’s legislative body had voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. A long time awaited event that came to fruition on January 1st, 2018. Allowing for marijuana dispensaries across the California State to legally begin the sale of cannabis products for recreational means. No longer do you have to visit a doctor and acquire a medical card, unless you want to save on taxes. Out of this rapid change in policies emerged a few lucky winners. Medicinal dispensaries that were eventually approved to sell and distribute recreational cannabis across the state, according to state laws.

Harbor Collective MMCC, as an approved recreational dispensary, is one of the only 7 you can count on in the Southern California region. This San Diego-based dispensary is permitted and licensed to provide the highest quality of both recreational & medicinal cannabis on the market. The establishment seeks to provide Californians with top quality products on legal terms. Aside from their extensive product offerings, Harbor Collective MMCC guarantees its customers that their strains and all their products are clean and professionally handled. Quality that spares no expense. Having gone through a rigorous process for over 2 years for recreational approval. Harbor Collective MMCC has the full backing of the State of California to provide their citizens with quality, yet strongly regulated recreational cannabis. Along with vendor products that compliment each other and your recreational or medicinal needs. Harbor Collective MMCC provides a vast quantity of products for sale in store, delivery or for shipping of their non-cannabanoid products. Such as: – Recreational Cannabis (In-Store, Delivery) – Medicinal Cannabis (In-Store, Delivery) – Edibles (In-Store, Delivery) – Extracts (In-Store, Delivery) – Hardware (In-Store, Delivery & “Shipping coming soon”) For more details on Harbor Collective

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