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Mother’s battle over cannabis oil

Ashley Peszynski Durval is hoping to move her family to Colorado so cannabis oil can be easily obtained for daughter Harper Grace, left, who suffers from epilepsy seizures.(Photo: Special to The Clarion-Ledger)

The mother of the child that Mississippi’s Harper Grace’s Law is named after has started a GoFundMe account to raise $6,000 to move the family to Colorado so her daughter will be able to freely get cannabis oil to treat her rare form of epilepsy.

“This move is all I know to do at this point,” said Harper Grace’s mother, Ashley Peszynski Durval, in a Facebook post. “I want Harper to be able to play outside without us having her to come in every four minutes to rest. With all of that said, this move is going to take a lot of money. We are saving every dime we can. And I ask all of you to help us on this huge leap of faith.”

The GoFundMe account shows $1,375 has been raised to date.

Durval has voiced frustration with the time it is taking to have the cannabis oil made available for trials to treat children in Mississippi since the Harper Grace Law took effect in 2014.

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Harper Grace has waited three years to be able to possibly get the cannabis oil to treat her Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, but the clinical trials will be limited to a handful of children.

The use of cannabis oil is legal in Colorado.

In 2014, the Mississippi Legislature passed Harper Grace’s Law, signed by Gov. Phil Bryant, named after the then 2-year-old. It

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