How legal marijuana will change California in 2018 – Salon

The Quality of California’s Weed

“California weed” means top-of-the-line pot across state borders. The Emerald Triangle, which is the largest cannabis-producing region in the U.S., is known for growing high-quality cannabis. However, under the new regulations, legalized weed could be even higher quality. The new regulations prohibit types of pesticides that can unhealthy, which will ensure legal weed is the real stuff. The black market will likely have more chemically-filled bud.

So, Where Can You Buy It?

What About Those Convicted of Marijuana-Related Offenses?

The same Prop that has legalized marijuana has also cut penalties for many marijuana-related offenses, and anyone who is currently incarcerated, on probation, parole, or under community supervision, could petition to have a sentence reduced or a charge reduced to a misdemeanor. There’s a whole guide about it here.

Medical Marijuana Cards

One interesting part of the legalization will be to see how it affects the medical marijuana business, and those dispensaries who support those with cards. The Green Cross, a medical cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, said it will continue to serve high-quality, and “affordable” week to its patients, and all adults once the City of San Francisco allows them.

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