How This Attorney Found Her Calling In Cannabis – Forbes


Shanel Lindsay invented a high tech device for patients to get more benefits from cannabis and has become a leading voice for social justice in the legal marijuana industry

When Shanel Lindsay graduated from Northeastern University law school in 2007, she never imagined she would draw on her J.D. as an advocate in the world of legalized marijuana. But her degree has proven powerful: she has emerged as one of the leading voices for social justice in the space, especially in Massachusetts, where she grew up.

As the state prepares for the launch of recreational marijuana sales on July 1st, Lindsay, who was raised in Boston, has been fighting on behalf of communities hit hard by the War on Drugs to ensure they don’t lose out on the economic opportunity of this new market.

“This is about making sure we are improving the city that I love and the place where many of my family members still live and many black people live,” explains Lindsay, who was appointed last year to the state’s Cannabis Policy Advisory Board, “Our communities are the ones that have been decimated and destroyed by this over-enforcement [of drug laws] and our family members and kids are being affected by this.”

At issue, in recent weeks, has been when regulators will award licenses to smaller pot businesses with much lower startup costs like pot cafes and home delivery services.  Republican Governor Charlie Baker, along with a group of law enforcement officials and medical dispensary owners, urged policymakers to slow down and spend more time studying the impact. But on Monday, activists including Lindsay, were able to strike a compromise in which the state will continue to examine concerns like impaired driving yet will give first priority to

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