How to Make Cannabis in San Francisco Work: Part I – SF Weekly

As Terrance Alan sees it, he’s come out of the closet twice.

The first time was when he came out as a gay man. Now he’s come out as a cannabis user.

“I don’t think people have that opportunity in their lives very often,” the 64-year-old Alan says, “to come out of two closets, where what they were doing was completely illegal but exactly what they should be doing, and to now come out in an environment where it’s legal.”

A partner of Alan, Kumin & Associates cannabis consulting firm and the chair of the San Francisco Cannabis Legalization Task Force, Alan has advocated for medical access to cannabis for the past three decades. He is also known for his role as a co-owner of the Castro’s Café Flore, and as a longtime ally of local medical cannabis pioneer Dennis Peron.  

Speaking to SF Weekly, Alan shared his personal insights from the 70-page ordinance on San Francisco’s adult-use cannabis regulations that District 8 Sup. Jeff Sheehy introduced on Sept. 26 — and the Board of Supervisors’ decision to uphold an appeal to reject an Apothecarium branch in the Sunset District.

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