How To Make The Best Cannabis Oil – MMJ Reporter

Cannabis Oil, also known as Marijuana Oil is made from a highly concentrated cannabis extract, which many patients have proved that it successfully cures chronic diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic pain relief, and much more. Cannabis Oil can be made at home using very simple methods.

High-quality cannabis oil depends on the ingredients used to make the oil. The type of strain is determined by the medical condition one has. For instance, strains high in THC and CBD are effective in treating cancer conditions, while seizure disorders respond well with strains high CBD and low THC. The following is the simple and easiest way to make the cannabis oil at home.

Ingredients (For 30 ounces of potent Marijuana Oil)

High-quality medical cannabis (2-3 ounces of trim). Mix with small stems and leaves 28 ounces of extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil Wooden spoon for stirring Air-tight container for storing oil Cooking stove to control heat Cooking thermometer Sterile oral syringes cheesecloth


Melt the oil on a low heat in a large pot. Make sure the oil doesn’t boil but get hot. This is to ensure that the THC extracts do not burn off. Add the cannabis ounces and stir thoroughly with the wooden spoon. This is to mix meticulously the contents of THC, CBD, and CBN so as there are no lumps in the oil. Continue stirring on the low heat making sure that it doesn’t boil. Sieve the mixture through the cheesecloth into the storage container. Store your jar of the pot in a dark and cool place or in the fridge to allow the oil to remain fresh. The oil is ready to be used from day one and it’s incredible and medicinal.

The cannabis oil is usually added to baked dishes and other varieties

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