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As many of you may know, on October 1, 2014 — less than one week ago — Maryland joined the list of states, now 23 strong, that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis.

I’m not going to bore you with the specifics of the law, but the big takeaway here is that now, officially, a first-time offender caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana will be subject to a $100 fine as opposed to arrest.

How exactly police will determine what is 10 grams or less is still up in the air, as are a number of other legal and procedural ambiguities, but the common — and certainly oversimplified — perception of the situation is already gelling…

Weed’s finally legal, and it’s here to stay.

I don’t need to do extensive market research to see that as far as the public is concerned, the paradigm has shifted.

Last Thursday — the day after the law took effect — I was sitting at a red light beside a high school in Bethesda and watched as a pack of teenagers passed around a single handheld vaporizer in plain view of anybody who cared enough to look.

How did I know they were consuming something more nefarious than the commonly available flavored oil you see people inhaling so much these days?

Because more than half of them were also smoking cigarettes while the vaporizer circulated.

If it weren’t for the modern technology, the whole ritual would closely resemble scenes most of us can either remember or directly relate to from our own younger days.

And aside from a couple glances over their shoulders, these kids appeared not even slightly concerned with getting caught.

The next day, as I was pulling out of our office parking garage right in the middle of Baltimore’s bustling Inner Harbor, I drove past a trio of grown men …read more