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08/31/15, 07:46 PM EDT

THE CLOCK: 438 days until Election Day 2016 …THE DEBATE CLOCK: 16 days until the next Republican debate … 43 days until the first Democratic debate.
JEB’S UNCONVINCING PUSHBACK AGAINST TRUMP: JEB BUSH tried again Monday to beat back another biting DONALD TRUMP attack, but his tepid response to Trump’s bare-knuckled tactics highlights both his unease engaging with the caustic billionaire and a fundamental misreading of the state of play.

After Trump released a scathing video on Instagram Monday slamming Bush for being lenient on undocumented immigrants, Bush’s campaign responded hours later with a post on its campaign website contrasting Bush’s record as “tough on crime” with Trump’s. “Trump even supported Nancy Pelosi-who supported sanctuary cities,” the text reads.
But whenever the mild-mannered Bush responds to Trump, he risks giving further definition to Trump’s caricature of him as “low energy” because it’s practically impossible to match Trump’s bombast and gusto. For two weeks now, Bush has been attacking Trump from the right, contrasting his own record as a two-term Florida governor with Trump’s record, which, Bush argues, is “not conservative.”
It has done little to diminish Trump, who continues to lead the polls, or to elevate Bush, whose poll numbers have dropped into single digits as Republican primary voters continue to show far more enthusiasm for anti-establishment candidates than those offering pure ideological conservatism. Read more at POLITICO
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