John Morgan vows to try again if Florida’s medical marijuana amendment fails –

Florida medical marijuana honcho John Morgan hopes for a victory on Amendment 2 when polls close on Tuesday. But a loss may not end the campaign, Morgan told the Tampa Bay Times on Friday. As long as the vote is close to the required 60 percent approval threshold, Morgan said, he will try again in 2016.

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“I plan to win this,” he said, saying his internal polls show it winning by a thin margin. “But if I lose a battle, I can damn sure still win the war.”

Most of the $5 million or so that Morgan or his Orlando law firm spent on the amendment campaign went toward collecting more than 700,000 signatures to put the question on the 2014 general election ballot.

Until this week, Morgan said, he would not have considered another medical marijuana campaign.

“I had always told myself I wouldn’t spend this kind of money again,” Morgan said. But early this week, “I got to thinking I wouldn’t have to. I have 900,000 signatures and addresses” of people who signed the current petition. “I have 400,000 people who have communicated with us. This time I had to collect signatures in five months, next time I would have two years.”

Next time would also be a presidential year, which should energize the youth vote, Morgan said. Younger voters — the strongest advocates for medical marijuana — typically turn out in higher numbers during presidential elections.

“This would be a day in the park,” he said.

Under Florida law, any group sponsoring a constitutional amendment designates a general election date, then must gather hundreds of thousands of signatures from registered voters to put it on the ballot. Then the Supreme Court must approve the ballot language.

To initiate another medical marijuana campaign, Morgan’s United for Care organization would have to repeat those steps.

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