Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin rips Colorado marijuana legalization – The Cannabist

Published: Oct 11, 2017, 3:17 pm • Updated: Oct 11, 2017, 4:21 pm

Marijuana legalization is a “sucker’s bet” that has had negative consequences in Colorado and is not right for Kentucky, the Bluegrass State’s Gov. Matt Bevin said this week.

Bevin, while a guest on Terry Meiners’ talk show on WHAS radio on Tuesday in Louisville, shot down any prospect of recreational marijuana legalization happening under his watch.

“We are not, while I’m governor, going to be legalizing the use of marijuana in this state for recreational purposes or for revenue-generating purposes,” Bevin said.

Bevin addressed the topic of cannabis legalization after Meiners noted that legalizing marijuana and casino gambling were floated as potential solutions to Kentucky’s “pension crisis.”

Bevin scoffed at those ideas, chuckling at the idea that “a lot of toked-up people gambling” would be a boon for Kentucky.

He said there was “no political appetite” for casino gambling and that the situation was far from rosy in Colorado, a state considered a trailblazer in cannabis legalization, according to the audio from the WHAS show:

“The state of Colorado, which is revered by those who would love to see this happen as the model, you talk to the governor of that state, you talk to the legislators of that state, you talk to law enforcement people in that state:

You get a hundred and something million dollars worth of revenue and, yeah, that’s money, but the cost? … THC content in marijuana is not like it was even a generation ago. There are people overdosing based on ingestion of products that are edibles and things. You have that state being sued by at least two of their border states. You have law enforcement people and emergency rooms being

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