LA proposes limiting who can appeal marijuana dispensary licenses – Daily Bruin

The city of Los Angeles may make it more difficult for residents to challenge marijuana dispensary business licenses.

The Los Angeles City Council is considering legislation that would only allow individuals who work, live or own property within 500 feet of a marijuana dispensary business to appeal the dispensary’s license. The policy may affect Westwood, which has several medicinal marijuana dispensaries, if those dispensaries choose to sell recreational marijuana once it becomes legal in January.

California voters approved Proposition 64 in November, which will allow state residents to legally buy recreational marijuana starting Jan. 1.

Enja Eriksen, manager at Paradise Collective, a medical marijuana dispensary in Westwood Village, said she thinks legal marijuana will generate a lot of tax revenue for the city.

“A lot of students are hesitant to get a medicinal license because they are afraid that it might go on their record,” she said. “Recreational use will provide them with a lot more cheaper options and definitely generate a lot of revenue.”

Analysis conducted by the University of California Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis estimated that recreational marijuana sales will command about 60 percent of the state’s marijuana market, which accounts for about $5 billion in annual sales in California.

Students and members of the Westwood community had mixed feelings about the city’s potential legislation to challenge business licenses.

Sandy Brown, vice president of the Westwood Neighborhood Council, said she thinks a 500-foot range excludes many individuals who may not support dispensaries selling recreational marijuana.

“If a home is within 600 feet and (the residents) do not have a say in their neighborhood matters, the city is not being inclusive,” Brown said.

Brown said she thinks individuals who operate businesses or live within 1,000 feet of an incoming dispensary should be notified when the business begins

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