Malibu's only medical marijuana dispensary opens to community – Malibu Surfside News

Malibu resident Jadwiga Kofin suffers from anxiety and intermittent restless legs and hands. These ailments cause her distress and the only way she has been able to get relief from these symptoms has been with medical marijuana.“It’s changed my life completely,” Kofin said. “I’d probably be a little ball of anxiety and chaos if it wasn’t for marijuana in my life.”Kofin has had to travel to other cities such as Venice to get what she calls her medicine. But that changed last week with the grand opening of a marijuana dispensary where she lives.The 99 High Tide Collective held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, April 20, and opened its doors to Malibu residents. The event was held at 4:20 p.m. — in accordance with the 4/20 holiday — with City Council member and former mayor of Malibu Skylar Peak cutting a green ribbon to usher in the new dispensary.Last year, the collective got the approval to open in a 3-2 vote by the City Council. Peak was mayor at the time of the vote, and said the dispensary will benefit those residents like Kofin who used to travel outside of Malibu for their medical marijuana.“I felt that we got it right, and that’s why I voted the way that we did,” Peak said. “Can’t always make everything perfect, but I think that the city is going to be well-served with this place.”Yvonne Green, founder of the collective, gave an emotional speech in support of medical marijuana soon after the ribbon was cut. She asked those in attendance to hold hands and pray along with her.“I want to thank Creator for giving us this sacred plant that has helped so many people like my mother with cancer, like my godchild with epilepsy,” Green said.This is not the first dispensary that has opened in Malibu. Two previous pot shops, PCH Collective and Malibu Collective Caregivers, were forced to close after federal officials sent out warning letters to dispensaries all over Los Angeles County, according to a 2012 Malibu Patch article and a 2012 “Malibu Times” article.Using marijuana for medicinal purposes has been mired in controversy. The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies the plant as one of the Schedule I drugs, which include heroin, ecstasy and LSD.Schedule …Read More