Marijuana and Driving Legalities – MMJ Reporter

If you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, it’s essential to understand the existing laws in the state you are living in. The laws, just like the industry itself, are constantly changing. Currently, there are eight states that have fully legalized or have decided to legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal use in many other states and the laws many vary from one state to another.

Considering the contemporary issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, states and local law enforcers are continuously reviewing and developing new regulations governing the use of cannabis. One area that the lawmakers are seriously focusing on is in generating an appropriate set of guidelines on the use of marijuana and driving motor vehicles.

For instance, the possession of marijuana is partly legal in Oregon, but one is not allowed to drive while under the influence of weed, the same applies for alcohol. The common charge in most states is usually referred to as Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI-D). If found guilty the consequences can be severe in some cases, hence you need to know how to defend yourself from accusations.

Although the current laws allow people to use marijuana recreationally, it’s a serious offence to operate a motor vehicle within the influence of it. Whether one smokes, ingests, or uses other means to consume marijuana, the effects of weed are generally believed to impair the person’s ability to drive carefully.

THC is one active ingredient in marijuana that makes people ‘high’ and if your blood is found to contain over five nanograms of THC, it’s usually considered to be under the influence of weed and therefore not suitable to drive safely.

Some of the emerging issues with marijuana DUIs is that some previous studies have successfully proved the tests

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