Measure A: Should outdoor medical marijuana grows be allowed in the county? – Record-Searchlight

REDDING, California – Responding to complaints by residents and law enforcement officials about large marijuana grows in the county, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance this year that would ban all outdoor grows and grows in homes.

Instead, growers would need to build outdoor structures meeting certain electrical and odor filtration standards. Growers would be limited to 12 plants total.

The medical marijuana community challenged the ordinance with a petition drive to put the ordinance before voters. They gathered more than 13,080 signatures, more than double the 6,544 valid signatures needed.

The following is from the Shasta County Elections Guide. It is edited for brevity and clarity.

Ballot measure: Shall Ordinance SCC 2014-02 (Medical Marijuana Cultivation in the County’s Unincorporated Area) be adopted? Amends current Shasta County medical marijuana cultivation restrictions for the county’s unincorporated area to, among other things: (1) prohibit the outdoor cultivation of marijuana, (2) limit the cultivation of marijuana per premises to a total of 12 plants within a structure detached from and accessory to a residence of a qualified medical marijuana patient or primary caregiver of a qualified medical marijuana patient, (3) prohibit the unlawful surface drawing of water and unlawful discharges of water related to marijuana cultivation, (4) require that if the person cultivating marijuana is not the owner of the property, notarized statements from all legal owners consenting to the cultivation must be obtained, (5) make any violation of the marijuana cultivation restrictions a misdemeanor, and (6) amend residential accessory building requirements.

From the impartial analysis by County Counsel Rubin E. Cruse Jr: Measure A was placed on the ballot by a referendum petition signed by the requisite number of voters challenging Ordinance SCC 2014-02. The ordinance was adopted by the Shasta County Board of Supervisors on Jan. 28, 2014. The referendum stopped the ordinance …read more