Medical Marijuana 'Gives Us The Ability To Be Ourselves Again,' Says Patient And Entrepreneur Jenny Wakeandbake – Civilized

For members of the cannabis industry, one of the most frustrating parts of the job is dealing with lingering stigmas around cannabis use.

“People assume that I’m always high and that I must smoke an insane amount of cannabis. This is not the case,” Jenny Wakeandbake – an ambassador for the cannabis brand NugTools – told Civilized. 

After becoming a MMJ patient to help mitigate symptoms of anxiety, Jenny created the Youtube channel called “Jenny WakeandBake,” where she shares her day to day life as a twentysomething MMJ patient in Massachusetts and gives others a place to hang when they may not have a friend to sesh alongside.

But that doesn’t mean she does nothing but puff the day away.

“Some days I smoke every hour and other days I maybe pack a bowl once,” she said. “Some weeks, I’m rolling in the dank cheese and other weeks I may not have smoked in a day or two as I sit in traffic on my hour long drive to the dispensary, wondering why I don’t just have a magical weed wishing well in my backyard.”

Jenny added that she used to be upset when people judged her for smoking up – even though she uses cannabis medicinally – but now she refuses to let that get her down.

“At the end of the day, I do what I can to explain the truth around these ignorant stigmas, but some people are just thick-headed and I will not allow that to keep me awake at night,” Wakeandbake explained. “I have long gotten over the heartache of dealing with people who have common misunderstandings about cannabis and medical marijuana patients. I used to get upset and a little angry. However, I quickly realized that everyone is different. How they see things is going

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