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Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) has received approvals to begin human trials of two different cannabis based medicines – NanaBis and NanaBidial.

NanaBis is packaged as a mouth spray and will be clinically tested in advanced stage cancer patients with intractable pain.

The drug is expected to meet a global need for better pain management, with research having shown cancer pain was an increasingly widespread condition.

Recent statistics regarding cancer pain indicate it is prevalent in 64% of patients with metastatic or advanced-stage disease and that for one in two patients with cancer, it is undertreated.

With the recent U.S. crackdown on opioid abuse, there is a significant need for better, efficacious treatment.

NanaBidial comprises cannabidiol derived from marijuana and is indicated for chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, with a secondary endpoint in patients suffering seizures.

The drug is intended to be made available to general practitioners so it would give many Australians access to a drug which governments around the country have been keen to see introduced.

Both clinical trials have received Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approvals and are expected to commence shortly.

Recent research on the legal cannabis industry in North America showed consumers spent US$6.9 billion on legal cannabis products in 2016, up 34% from 2015.

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