Mesquite weed dispensary starts sales Saturday as closest recreational shop to Utah – Salt Lake Tribune

The top of Deep Roots Harvest’s website features a count down — the hours, minutes and seconds until “adult use cannabis in Nevada will begin” on Saturday.

For Utahns seeking out recreational pot, Deep Roots Harvest is the closest option, 42 miles from St. George and the first place when traveling southbound on I-15 to pick up some “Lemon Skunk” or “Purple Monkey.”

A Deep Roots Harvest employee reached by phone declined to discuss the businesses plans for rolling out recreational sales this weekend.

Deep Roots opened in October 2016 as a medical marijuana dispensary, but was granted a recreational sale license under Nevada’s “early start program” that allows only operational medical marijuana businesses “in good standing” to get retail licenses for the first 18 months of sales.

For “weed tourists” planning to head to Mesquite, Nevada law dictates that only those over 21 can possess up to one ounce of marijuana or 1/8 of an ounce of concentrated marijuana.

Buyers will also have to contend with Nevada’s regulation that marijuana be consumed only at a private residence or front porch — and dispensaries deal only in cash.

Deep Roots Harvest’s website lists options ranging from $12 per gram to $330 for an ounce depending on the strain — along with various types of concentrates, edibles, topicals and vaping options.

Transporting pot purchased in Nevada across state lines is illegal and possessing an ounce in Utah — the legal limit in Nevada — is a misdemeanor crime, along with potential for DUI if driving across the border after using weed in Nevada.

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