Michigan announces new fees, transition rules for medical marijuana businesses – MLive.com

Michigan medical marijuana facilities will pay a $6,000 one-time application fee to the state, according to an advisory bulletin released today by the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Medical marijuana facilities also are subject to a municipality fee of up to $5,000 collected by the local government and an annual regulatory assessment fee paid to the state. 

The amount for the latter fee will be reset each year, the bulletin said.

And the state’s annual fee for the upcoming year has yet to be determined because it will be based on the number of license applicants, LARA spokesman David Harns said. The intent is to divided the program costs by number of applicants so the regulatory program is self-funding, he said.

LARA also issued a bulletin about the transition from medical marijuana caregivers and patients to license facility holders and employees.

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act requires growers and processor facility licensees to have at least two years experience as a caregiver or have an active employee with such experience.

However, the bulletin points out, a licensed grower or processor – or their employees – must not be registered as a caregiver. LARA intends to require that any caregivers who get a license or employment as a grower or processor must cancel their caregiver status within five business days.

In addition, patients and caregivers are not eligible for a secure transporter license. That means those affiliated with the license applicant as investors, direct/indirect owners, partners, officers, directors, managers, or members must cancel their registration as a caregiver or patient.

Patients and caregivers can work for medical marijuana provisioning and/or safety compliance facilities, the LARA bulletin said.

Michigan’s medical marijuana regulations are in the midst of being overhauled, and “emergency” regulations are expected to be issued next month, Harns said.


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