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With football season starting, how do you feel about professional athletes using marijuana? – The Mad Bomber

There are so many pot smokers in the NFL that has an “All-Weed” team listed on their website. It’s an open secret that players can smoke weed as long as they pass the preseason drug test. The hypocrisy of the NFL handing out Percocet and Oxycontin like candy while suspending players for using cannabis is astounding. There are more than a few studies that show cannabis to be an effective medicine as both a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory.

Fortunately, many pro football players are starting to speak out about medical marijuana. Former Bears QB Jim McMahon used cannabis to kick his Percocet habit. Former Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe just donated $80,000 toward medical marijuana research.

The NFL’s drug policy is determined by negotiations between team owners and the NFL Player’s Association Union. Maybe the players can get cannabis removed from the list of banned substances when they negotiate a new contract in 2020. Until then, players will have to be smart and not get caught.

So, Nevada legalized adult use and the pot shops are open. How is it going? – Hy Roller

It’s going so well that the governor had to declare a “state of emergency” because the demand for legal cannabis is way ahead of the supply. There are 47 licensed recreational dispensaries in Nevada, but only two licensed distribution companies. The distribution companies ran out of weed almost immediately, so the state had to move quickly to approve more cannabis distribution licenses. This is a good thing: Cannabis and monopolies don’t get along.

This is something California should keep in mind as we move toward opening recreational cannabis dispensaries Jan. 1. We are going to need all the (California-grown)

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