Naperville marijuana dispensary plans top security – Chicago Tribune

A proposed medical marijuana dispensary on Naperville’s west side was met with concerns about parking and impact on neighboring businesses this week.

Greenway Herbal Care would like to open an 1,800-square-foot facility in a commercial building at 424 Fort Hill Drive.

Because the area is zoned as a commercial district, the company will need city approval, unlike another proposed facility about a mile away on Quincy Avenue, which is in an industrial area.

Greenway CEO Nilesh Khot, who still must get a license from the state to dispense medical marijuana, told the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission his facility would be open Monday through Saturday and would only sell cannabis, not paraphernalia. He would donate six percent of profits to local community organizations.

Khot said he expects about 30 customers per day, each of whom would be there about 10 to 15 minutes.

Only patients or caregivers with the proper paperwork from the state would be allowed inside, he said. His attorney, Michael Ek, also said there would be an extensive security system that included armed guards, bulletproof glass, cameras and fingerprint access to the vault.

“I’m told the security system we use far exceeds any security system that’s used by any jewelry store in the area,” Ek said. “It’s superior to any pharmacy in the area. Our security system rivals that of casinos.”

However, Commissioner Kamala Martinez, questioned such high levels of security.

“You guys have gone above and beyond to make it safe, but I think what concerns me, what makes me not sleep so well at night is that you have to have that much security in that building and … there’s a reason you’re putting it in,” she said.

For several commissioners, parking was a top concern. The city requires the facility to have nine parking spaces based on its size, but each …read more