Newly opened cannabidiol shops in Owasso offer range of alternative products, treatments – Tulsa World

In recent years, CBD, or cannabidiol, stores have grown in popularity across local communities, and Owasso is no exception.

Two area shops, Vita Naturalis Owasso and American Shaman Owasso, for example, have opened for business in the last three months.

These types of stores carry a range of products for those individuals seeking alternative treatments to prescription medications for their various health concerns.

Both locations offer several forms of CBD, including edible, topical, sublingual and vapable supplements. They are all derived from hemp but must contain less than 0.3 percent of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive in cannabis, to be legal in Oklahoma.

Vita Naturalis Owasso

Vita Naturalis Owasso, located at 9220 N. Garnett Rd., Ste. A, opened in February as an offshoot of VapoRhea, an e-cigarette store that has been in operation in Owasso for the last four years.

Aloray Haselton, owner of VapoRhea, started Vita Naturalis for the same reason she opened VapoRhea: to give people a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes – and, in this case, to help them live a more natural life.

“You sell CBD, and you allow people to find that natural way of helping with everything that ails them,” she said. “When we decided that we would start, we wanted people to not only be educated about it but feel comfortable coming in and doing it.”

Haselton’s products are all oil-based and include capsules, dissolvable formulas, gummies and candies, essential oils and lotions, and coffee and tea from companies such as Green Roads, Plant Therapy, Ambary Gardens and Hemp Co.

Her most popular products are the Green Roads CBD Oil, 15ml, and the Green Roads Daily Dose Formula Tincture,

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