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KAY COUNTY, Okla. – Devin Gagliardo has been pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma for a long time. He was appalled by a recent post on the Kay County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

“If he wants to express his personal opinion, he is perfectly free to do that. Everybody is. But, the forum of the Kay County sheriff’s department Facebook page is just the wrong place,” Gagliardo said. “It’s not just that he’s I think breaking the law but he’s not even saying true things about the bill.”

In the post, Sheriff Steve Kelley said he’s reviewed both sides of the bill but “the way this bill is written it looks a lot like recreational marijuana disguised by medical marijuana law.”

He said it gives him concerns about “the loss of drug-free workplaces,” “creating a larger black market for marijuana,” “potential overdosing” and “subjecting another drug to our youth.”

“It’s kind of a overreach and abuse of power,” Gagliardo said. “They need to be sticking with enforcing the laws, not trying to change them or prevent them from being changed.”

“I strongly believe the people of this county would want to hear the opinion of their sheriff on the different views of upcoming state questions,” Kelly said, in part, in a statement to News 4. “I have spoken to legal counsel on this matter and they have not found any wrongdoing.”

Part of Oklahoma Statute Title 26 states: “Any official” who “directs or authorizes the expenditure of any public funds … to be used either in support of or in opposition to any measure which is being referred to a vote of the people … shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.”

“At the very

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