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Editor’s Note: The following is an op-ed submitted to Framingham Source. Source accepts op-eds and letters to the editor at [email protected] 


For the record the City of Framingham is not required to do anything regarding the cannabis industry coming to Framingham, other than a host agreement the Mayor must make with anyone wanting to open a retail shop. The regulations have been thoroughly reviewed by experts in the field, including law enforcement, and the Department of Public Health.

A hand full of hard liners, uninformed and out of touch with the residents who voted for them, are taking it upon themselves to stop, delay, restrict or ban the potentially billion-dollar industry from coming to Framingham.

This Tuesday our newly elected City Council will take a vote to impose a moratorium until Dec 31, on all marijuana related businesses coming to Framingham.

This move is totally against what residents voted for, and gives time to the various boards, Planning, Zoning and Board of Health, along with the Police, Fire and School departments, to craft regulations over and above the State Regulations already in place.

Writing for the majority, some brief history.

A few months ago, I was asked by a sitting City Councilor, why I was so adamant about pot and what prompted that. My answer was more than 30 years ago I was busted and plead no contest to growing pot in my Seminole Ave apartment. My punishment was a fine and probation, as the amount and size of the plants was negligible, it was a misdemeanor. I remember the cops telling me if I didn’t agree with the laws, change them. That event shook me to the core and set me on a journey that has lasted 30 plus years. I knew then I had to act and

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