Parking concerns raised about proposed Naperville medical marijuana facility – Naperville Sun

Naperville’s Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday night put off a decision on a recommendation for the city’s first medical marijuana dispensary.The commission wasn’t concerned with the conditional use sought by Greenway Herbal Care to operate at 424 Fort Hill Drive. If approved, the facility would be one of three dispensaries allowed in DuPage County under the new law.However, it’s the first petition for a dispensary in Naperville, and commissioners were wary of giving an immediate thumbs-up to what has at times proven to be a controversial use.“This is not your typical case,” Commissioner Bob Williams said. “It’s enormously important … this is as important (a case) as I have ever seen.”Particularly troubling to the commission was the issue of potential parking problems and the impact on other businesses in the Fort Hill Business Center.The building has 244 off-street parking spaces available for its 46 tenants and guarantees five spaces to each. Under the agreement with the building’s condominium association, the remainder of the spaces are available on a first-come, first serve basis.City ctaff recommends the approval of the facility be contingent on the petitioner providing written proof that the dispensary is guaranteed at least nine spaces. But the condo association’s representative, Mark Levy, indicated that the businesses had “no exclusive right” to any of the parking spaces beyond what was allotted to them, and said nothing to indicate that the group would alter its policy.The petitioner countered that their traffic study had shown that the building’s parking lot is 70 percent empty most of the time.“We do not believe this association has ever encountered any problems,” attorney Michael Ek told the vommission. “Our impact would not be as high as some people project.”But one tenant of the building, Joseph Harrington, …read more