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Sometimes, psychological research acts as an enlightening agent, delving into the depths of the mind and illuminating obscure elements of our unconscious. Other times… well, its discoveries reveal information we already knew – like the fact that cannabis consumers, in some ways, are just different from other people.

As it turns out, the average cannabis user is significantly higher in the trait of “Openness to Experience” than their cannabis-free counterparts. Openness is a trait in the Big Five personality test found to have an enormous association with many facets of life, from IQ to political preference.

Make sure to check out the quiz below to find out how open you are!


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The Big Five and Openness

The Big Five personality test (also called the “Five Factor Model”)  is divided into five traits:

Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism

Each trait is independently measured and represents a different aspect of the personality. This means that people don’t just fall into one of five “types” – instead, we look at every trait individually to get a broad overview of the person’s temperament.

Openness is a reflection of a person’s curiosity, ability to learn, and artistic interest. People high in Openness tend to be more engaged with the world around them, more appreciative of natural and artistic beauty, and more prone to imagination and fantasy.


Does Cannabis Help or Hinder Creativity?

Knowing what we know about the trait, it doesn’t come as a surprise that cannabis consumers tend to score significantly higher in “Openness” than the general population. This finding isn’t just derived from a single study either – it’s a well-documented correlation dating back to the 70’s. In

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