Pot advisory panel discusses safety following dispensary break-ins – KLAS-TV

LAS VEGAS – Cannabis experts brainstormed on Friday about how to keep dispensaries safe.

The sale of recreational weed became legal less than a month and a half ago and already police report more than a dozen break-ins at pot shops.

A marijuana advisory board called the Green Ribbon Panel is now working on recommendations for how to keep criminals at bay.

One idea brought forward at the meeting is to require around the clock security at dispensaries.

“To me, a presence of site is a deterrent, and that’s why my company uses 24-7 security,” said Brian Padgett, Green Ribbon Advisory Panel.

State law already requires dispensaries to have a 24-hour surveillance system and on-site security between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Another idea brought up at the meeting is to allow dispensaries to be open for business all hours of the day.

Currently, business hours are restricted.

“Just having that flexibility, again not being a requirement,” Padgett said.

The advisory panel is also looking for input from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. They want to talk to authorities about safety and the circumstances of the break-ins.

“The sheriff said we’re going to do everything we can to eliminate, reduce that as much as possible,” said Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner. 

The panel members will work on a list of recommendations and then hand it over commissioners.

The panel will meet again on August 24th.

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