Ricky Williams defies 'pothead' label to reinvent his cannabis-selling himself – The San Diego Union-Tribune

You understand the urge to latch onto the low-hanging fruit pies when talking marijuana with Ricky Williams, the Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL star from San Diego.

Beavis, meet Butt-Head. Video games until thumbs blister. Doritos for days, right?

That’s not Williams, though. Not even close. The man who battered tacklers, first at Patrick Henry High School, then at Texas, then for 10,009 yards in the NFL, is a far more complex guy.

Much like the bull-dozing running back he became, Williams defiantly refuses to topple to sloppy tackles or flimsy stereotypes. The 40-year-old fought to understand his life’s truest road and place himself smack-dab in the middle of challenging conversations, public perception be damned.

Williams knows the labels. Pothead. Stoner. Slacker. Partier. He’s heard them all.

“I was in a place in my life that from the outside, it looked like I had it all,” Williams said Monday. “The truth is, from the inside, it felt like something was missing.

“Instead of being a pothead or whatever the negative stereotypes, this really opened my mind and sent me on a journey that felt so much more real and genuine than my football journey.”

That’s why there’s lungs-deep pride about a product line Williams is launching Tuesday at Outliers Collective, a dispensary in El Cajon. It’s called “R.W.” — Real Wellness, a play on his initials and something Williams describes as a cannabis wellness brand.

Let’s be real, too. There’s money waiting. Likely, a whole bunch of it.

To score big would be a fascinating chapter for Williams, who lost millions in endorsements and possibly contracts because of his relationship with marijuana at a less accepting time.

“It could be huge. It depends. We don’t know this is going to go,” Williams said. “It’s a novel idea. There’s

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