State Supreme Court needs more time to consider Upland petition – Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

The Supreme Court of California has given itself more time to decide whether it will grant or deny Upland’s petition to reconsider the higher court’s decision regarding the initiative process and its availability to impose taxes.

The California Supreme Court ruled Aug. 28 that Upland officials should have placed a proposed marijuana-related ballot measure on a special election after proponents secured the necessary votes do so, a lawyer for the proponents said.

The ruling involves a lawsuit filed on behalf of the California Cannabis Coalition against Upland. To taxpayer watchdog groups, this is much more than a cannabis issue.

To them, the ruling represents a loophole whereby cities working in cooperation with special interest groups could potentially pass taxes without following laws governing their implementation or increase.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association took on the case on behalf of the city of Upland.

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