Stoners need not apply: Uni offers world's first marijuana degree –

HIGH achievers are in luck now that a US university has launched the world’s first marijuana degree.

Looking to capitalise on the rising demand for cannabis, Northern Michigan University is offering a marijuana-focused degree — but they say stoners need not apply, reports the New York Post.

“Obviously, the program is new and different and it might speak to a certain crowd. But for a student to succeed, they’re going to have to be very dedicated and motivated,” associate chemistry professor Brandon Canfield told the Detroit Free Press of the medicinal plant chemistry Bachelor of Science degree.

“This is not an easy program. It’s a really intense, biology chemistry program,” Prof Canfield said.

He noted that while students won’t grow marijuana plants in the program, they do study similar plants with medicinal value.

The public university in the Great Lakes State launched the program for the fall 2017 semester, with about a dozen students currently enrolled. In addition to courses in chemistry, biology, botany and horticulture, students will also study marketing and finance, the paper reported.

“When they hear what my major is, there are a lot of people who say, ‘Wow, cool dude. You’re going to get a degree growing marijuana,’” said sophomore Alex Roth, a student of the program. “But it’s not an easy degree at all.”

While other colleges and universities offer classes or certificates in marijuana policy and law, Northern Michigan breaks ground to offer the first four-year degree dedicated to the science and business of growing marijuana.

Canfield was inspired to design the curriculum after attending the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting last year and hearing about the need for analytical chemists.

University officials believe that the program fills a growing need. To date, 29 states have legalised medical marijuana, including the eight states where marijuana is also permissible for recreational use, Fox

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