Tanzania gallery: the struggle for life without water at the Nyarugusu Dispensary – The Guardian

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At Nyarugusu in the Geita district in north-west Tanzania, life is a constant struggle, one that is made infinitely harden by the absence of running water. Photographer Sameer Satchu travelled to the area and recorded these images of daily events at a medical facility, the Nyarugusu Dispensary, for Water Aid

Girls carry water away from a privately owned shallow well on the edge of Nyarugusu. This is the closest water source to Nyarugusu Dispensary, a 15-minute drive away; the well runs low in the dry season and is subject to contamination in the rainy season.
Teresa Charles, 23, gave birth to her son Stefano at Nyarugusu Dispensary in early June; he died at seven days old of suspected sepsis.
Water vendor Francis John comes to the Nyarugusu Dispensary after being called by patients’ families. The water is collected at a borehole more than an hour’s cycle away.
The two-bed labour and post-natal ward, with a non-functioning basin in the corner.
Nurse-midwife Jackeline Gideon Mwiguta washes her hands at Nyarugusu Dispensary.
The Nyarugusu Dispensary serves a population of about 54,000 in the area. Its seven full-time staff see between 200-500 patients each day.

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